9/11 Truth conspiracty hoax! The Revengerists are in on the coverup!

The Revengriste woudl have you beleave that 9/11 was done by “alien beings and monster men” like so-called “Shadow peeples” and Dormammu. You guys! You’re better than that. You should know that nothing they have say is true about 9111111(as we serious researchers call it, since it happened a 11:11am). You should also knoew that the Revengerists are schills; but for Big Pharma or the Iron Cross Army, but definitely part of the major players in the Whole Shebang! I happened to go on theris wiki today and saw the number of pages… 9-1-1. And the time that I wrote this? 8:05, but after this it will be 9:11 and I’ll note that. What is especially synchronous (nothing coincidental, since coincidences are a plot from the leftover Mussolini supporters to encourage a belief in coincidences for unknown purposes) IS THAT TODAY… I HAD BEEN ESPECIALLY THINKING ABOUT 911COSPIRACY!. I think about that tragey every day and even today and I see this and it say 911 and I know today was special occurence of 911 rumations. UNique, and somehow the Revenghersts knew of it. OR CAUSED IT. Don;t believe a Revenger… they probably do 911s.

Revengerists Hoax

You were probably shocked to learn that The Revengerists saved the planet several tiems. This is simply untrue – they’ve saved our current timeline several times – by tricking kaiju and other enemies to destroy earths on alternate timelines – making this alpha-uno-prime timeline the best and brightest possibly. You still believe Revengerists? there no such Revengerists revenging anything anywhere ever.

He has actually admitted all of the above, that he doesn’t believe in the revengerists or new world order, or kaiju, and that it was all a stupid prank.

If you still don’t believe me, take this into consideration: You can look up the owner of almost any website through the http://www.who.is service. The information for the site is below

This is the owner of REVENGERISTS.COM

Bob Fenley
1895N 306E
Parvo, Utah 84804-1603
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 21-Nov-03
Expires on: 21-Nov-11
Last Updated on: 31-Nov-09

So now we can say for sure that revengerists.com is a hoax because all government websites are hosted on private servers with IP’s registered on closed DNS servers, and godaddy is clearly a public domain name registrar.